This is the toughest home workout on YouTube. You're, going to push your body harder than you've ever done using exercises, you probably won't have tried before like switch lunges, Cossack squats and push up and reach.

But what will really take you beyond your previous home workouts is that you only get one rest period, so you are maxing your heart rate and burning calories as you go, each exercise is 45 seconds and will give you all the timings and cues.

So you can follow along. We're, starting with push up and reach in five seconds so into push-up position, ready three two one go push up and reach reaching first with one hand than the other. So this is the first of eight exercises.

45 seconds, each fifteen seconds more next straight into lunges, with glute kickback ready three two one go lunges with glute kickback standing lunges. Just before you step forward. Kick your heel back keeping rest periods to a minimum will keep you in the fat-burning zone for longer fifteen seconds more next straight into push-up climbers, three two one go push-up climbers at the top of the push-up twist and bring the knee right through.

If you have to take a pause, that's, fine, but why not bookmark this video? So next time you try it! You can track your progress! Another 15 seconds you're, going to rest after the next exercise, but first Cossack, squats, 3, 2, 1 Cossack squats keeping the weight on the heels stretch to one side than the other fifteen seconds.

Then rest. Okay rest in five, three, two one and rest thirty Seconds rest now deep breaths get that oxygen. Pumping around your whole body fit media channel has plenty of challenging home, workouts and high intensity circuits for you to try so check out our playlist.

Once you're done here, even more hard work lined up in part two starting down on the floor with lying leg raises in five three two lying leg raises hands flat on the floor, underneath your buttocks fifteen seconds more okay.

Next, it's; switch lunges ready in three two one switch lunges use your arms to keep the momentum fifteen seconds more next. Reverse crunch lifts. So, down on the floor, going in three two one reverse crunch: left's; hands out on the floor for stability raising from the hips high, as you can fifteen seconds more coming up to the final exercise, its diamond press.

Three two one go diamonds, press thumbs and first fingers creating a diamond shape to really engage the triceps push through. This is the last exercise, final 10 seconds and the rest in three two one rest, so that's.

It! Congratulations! You made it if you want more, follow along in home, workouts check out our best home workout playlist, and take a look at our recommended 12-week home workout plan to help you get lean and stay lean at home.

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