If you're looking to build muscle, there are three ways you can increase the work that your muscle fibers have to do more weight, more reps and a third way that people often miss a way of increasing muscle growth from within your existing workout.

It's called time under tension time under tension is simply increasing the amount of time that your muscle is working by making the rep longer. So you're, making each rep more effective and you're. Avoiding the risk of injury that comes with piling on the weight time under tension increases the work done by the muscle, even with the same number of reps that you usually do let's, get right into the mechanics of each rep for a pushing Movement explode up then come down slowly, counting to three.

As you go remember, the muscle is still working when you're. Lowering the weight so make this part really count at the bottom pause for one. Second, this not only keeps the muscle under tension. It also takes away any momentum, so the next move is all new effort.

It also helps the mind muscle connection making you feel each new rep working after you've racked the weight. A good squeeze of the muscle will give you an extra burst of tension on a pulling movement, try to explode into the movement.

This is the moment of maximum effort, keeping control slow it down on the negative part of the movement and right at the top squeeze. This is the moment of maximum tension, hold that squeeze for at least a second okay.

So let's, count it out using cables as an example. Cables are ideal for time under tension because they keep the same resistance across the whole of the movement. So you're, aiming to make each rep last six seconds two seconds up.

One second hold at the top three seconds down, generally keep the same rep range as your usual workout, even though your muscles are working harder, so still go for your usual 8 to 12, reps just make each rep last longer with time under tension.

Each set should last up to a minute with the muscle working the whole time, so here, for example, if you're going for 10 reps, that's 6 seconds each rep 2 seconds up squeeze for one. Second, then, slowly down with control for a count of three a total of 60 seconds for each set.

So to help you build the physique, you're. Looking for try using time under tension in your next workout, you can also combine it with techniques. Like super sets and drop sets, let us know in the comments how you get on check out: more gym, hacks and techniques in our playlists and for hundreds of full exercise.

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